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  • High Point at DIA


High Point at DIA

  • Change — The master plan respects the need for mixed-use development and long term airport operations
  • Development Diversity — The design includes a large variety of development types, all planned to work cohesively within core urban spaces and residential areas alike
  • Community — A range of single-family and multi-family residential home developments are closely located to amenities throughout the master plan

High Point is an 1,800-acre mixed-use, master-planned community adjacent to Denver International Airport in both Aurora and Denver, Colorado.  The community will ultimately include over 12 million square feet of commercial development and 3,000 residential units. Craig Karn has directed the master plan design for High Point since 2004, when the first concepts for the development were produced.  Since August of 2005, Consilium Design has been involved in the ongoing coordination with prospective builders and commercial developers, master plan and detailed development plan design, the development of individual neighborhoods, and open space design.

Consilium Design has also collaborated with the project development team on overall master plan refinements and the inclusion of large scale developments like the Gaylord Hotel.  The West End, a mixed-use neighborhood addition at Tower Road and 64th Avenue includes a broad range of multi-family and single-family residential home types, thoughtfully integrated with retail, restaurants, live/work units, hotels and professional offices in a dynamic, urban setting.

  • Client

    LNR Property Corporation

  • Services

    Urban Planning
    Landscape Architecture

  • Location

    Aurora and Denver, Colorado

  • Density

    1800-acre, 12 million square feet of commercial development, and 3000 residential units


Consilium embraces a holistic approach that honors the land, the design process, and all parties involved. The result is an original, vibrant space that creates harmony between people and the surrounding environment.

Ed Zebrowski, Starwood Land Ventures
  • Alta Harvest Station


High Point Monumentation

The entrance monumentation at High Point is designed to create a significant entry beacon and gateway for the over 1800 acre mixed-use project.  The grand scale of the monumentation is in proportion with the overall scale of the development.  The materials selected give this project a unique identity.  All stone used is natural and indigenous to the Front Range of Colorado.  The stone will be carefully cut and installed to give the entry a refined look.  Furthermore, the inclusion of copper at both the primary and secondary entrance monuments will provide a unifying element.

  • Client

    Starwood Land Ventures, LLC

  • Services

    Planning and Landscape Architecture Land Use: Mixed-Use Master Planned Community

  • Location

    Denver and Aurora, Colorado