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At Consilium Design, we renew landscapes to be sustainable, beautiful, and resilient for GENERATIONS.

At Consilium Design, we specialize in Landscape Renewal Services tailored to meet the needs of HOAs, municipalities, and property managers. Renewed landscapes are designed to be adaptable to seasonal weather changes and varying impacts. By renewing landscape HOAs can create streetscapes, open spaces and parks that remain attractive year-round and active spaces that can withstand different levels of pedestrian traffic without deteriorating. In place of repairing and replacing existing high water, high maintenance landscapes, our approach focuses on creating landscapes that are more functional, biodiverse and resilient.


Water Conservation is Cost Savings

Reducing water use is a key benefit of landscape renewal. By minimizing active turf areas and using native plants, HOAs can significantly cut their water usage.  Native and drought-resistant plants require less frequent maintenance, reducing ongoing costs. This includes lower expenses for mowing, pruning, and chemical treatments

Reducing Urban Heat Island Effect

Planting shade trees and reducing impervious surfaces can mitigate the urban heat island effect, making community spaces cooler and more comfortable. This not only improves the living environment but also contributes to broader climate resilience efforts.

Enhancing Community Aesthetics

Renewed landscapes offer enhanced natural aesthetics by incorporating a variety of native plants and thoughtful design elements. This not only improves the visual appeal of the community but also fosters a sense of pride and well-being among residents.

Expanding Natural Areas and Wildlife Habitats

Landscape renewal can create new natural areas and wildlife habitats by converting high-maintenance turf to native grasses and shrubs. This promotes biodiversity and supports local ecosystems, aligning with broader environmental conservation goals.

Learn how the HOA at Quebec Run is saving almost $40K per year with landscape renewal.

Quebec Run is an HOA located in Thornton that includes 292 single-family homes built in 2004 and 2005. In 2019, the HOA embarked on a project to convert a large area of non-functional cool season turf. The HOA was paying approximately $90,000 in water bills to irrigate landscaping per year.

The project converted 140,000 square feet, or 3.2 acres, of non-functional turf to low water grasses and plants and included hardscaping and irrigation system upgrades. Before the conversation, the HOA applied 1.6 million gallons of water annually for outdoor landscape irrigation. In 2022, after the conversion was complete, the HOA used 914,000 gallons; a total water savings of 43% per year.

Get ahead of Bill 24-005 with Landscape Renewal


Senate Bill 24-005 is a pioneering law that outlaws the installation of nonfunctional turf, artificial turf, and invasive plant species.  

For HOAs, this means that starting January 1, 2026, the planting of bluegrass and other high-water-use grasses will be prohibited.  This includes both new construction and renovation of existing landscapes. The bill encourages a shift towards sustainable landscaping practices that conserve water and promote environmental resilience. The law represents a significant step in transforming Colorado’s landscape to better align with the state’s arid climate and water conservation goals.

Proactive Approach

Taking action before the initiation of Bill 24-005 is not just environmentally conscious but also a strategic move for HOA’s that offers significant long-term benefits. By acting now, HOAs can be sustainable industry leaders, reducing costs, and contributing to a more regenerative and beautiful community environment. For expert guidance and support, Consilium Design is ready to help you navigate this important transition.

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Common Questions (FAQ)

What is Landscape Renewal and why is it important?
Landscape renewal involves updating and revitalizing existing landscapes to be more sustainable, functional, and visually appealing. It’s important because it helps conserve water, reduce maintenance costs, enhance community aesthetics, and support local ecosystems by incorporating native and drought-resistant plants.
How does landscape renewal contribute to water conservation?
By minimizing active turf areas and using native, drought-resistant plants, landscape renewal significantly reduces water usage. These plants require less frequent maintenance, which also lowers costs for mowing, pruning, and chemical treatments. For example, after converting non-functional turf to low water grasses, the Quebec Run HOA saw a 43% reduction in annual water usage.
What are the environmental benefits of landscape renewal?

Beyond conserving our scarce supply of water, landscape renewal helps reduce the urban heat island effect by planting shade trees and reducing impervious surfaces, making community spaces cooler and more comfortable. It also promotes biodiversity by creating new natural areas and wildlife habitats, aligning with broader environmental conservation goals.

How can HOAs and property managers start the landscape renewal process?
To begin the landscape renewal process, work with experts like Consilium Design who specialize in sustainable landscaping. Conduct a thorough assessment of existing landscapes, develop a sustainable renewal plan incorporating water-efficient plants and efficient irrigation systems, educate members about the benefits, and implement the plan to start experiencing the benefits of regenerative landscaping.