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Independence Homestead

Independence Homestead



  • independence-homestead-concept-sketch

  • independence-homestead-illustrative-plan

  • independence-homestead-concept-1

  • independence-homestead-concept-2

  • independence-homestead-concept-3

  • independence-homestead-concept-4

  • independence-homestead-shade-structure-1

  • independence-homestead-shade-structure-2

  • Independence photo (1)

  • Independence photo (2)

  • Independence photo (3)

  • Independence photo (4)

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Santa Fe Trail

Santa Fe Trail



Santa Fe Trail

  • History — Our aim was to celebrate the experience of travelers and settlers along the Santa Fe Trail
  • Ecology — The configured garden demonstrates a variety of ecosystems throughout the trail system
  • Culture — The implementation of the “Trail through time” celebrates gardens along the trail from early times to present

With attention to and reverence for history, ecology and culture, Consilium Design created a garden that features a range of native ecosystems as well as a “Trail Through Time” that celebrates the built Gardens of Santa Fe Trail residents from early times to the present day.

This project is the first phase in an extensive redevelopment of a former rail yard adjacent to downtown Raton, New Mexico and will form part of the extensive downtown revitalization project currently underway.

This 2.5-acre park in a new Main Street community celebrates the experience of travelers and settlers along the Santa Fe Trail who founded the city of Raton and neighboring communities.

  • Client

    City of Raton, New Mexico

  • Services

    Landscape Architecture

  • Location

    Raton, New Mexico

  • Santa-Fe-Trail-1

  • Santa-Fe-Trail-2

  • Santa-Fe-Trail-color-4-vin-1

  • Santa-Fe-Trail-Interpretive-Garden-color-plan-235

  • Santa-Fe-Trail-Interpretive-Garden-Graphic-4

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Promenade Park Point at Ridgegate

Promenade Park at Ridgegate



Promenade Park Point at Ridgegate

Promenade Park is a 4.4-acre parcel within the RidgeGate master planned community in Lone Tree, Colorado. The site is ADA accessible despite grade challenges, connecting to the Willow Creek pedestrian trail system.

Topographic and environmental factors were design challenges for this park, with Willow Creek cutting directly through the site accompanied by significant slopes and grade changes. The Consilium Design team designed meandering retaining walls to preserve the Willow Creek wetlands and floodplain and create functional surfaces within the park.

Keeping in mind the proximity to single family residential developments, Consilium planned gathering spaces for the surrounding community which included implementing a large plaza, shade structures, unique seating, turf areas for active play and a play area for children.

  • Land Use

    Urban Park

  • Density

    4.4 Acre

  • Location

    Lone Tree, Colorado

  • PromenadePark_Designscapes_CO_Web_2017-9

  • PromenadePark_Artscenter-Drive-streetscape-scaled

  • PromenadePark_2

  • PromenadePark_3

  • Promenade-Park_Illustrative_Color-Render-scan-scaled

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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon




The design team’s primary objective was to prepare planning documents that would provide the vendor with a feasibility study for adding amenities to improve the experience for RV campers and visitors in general. Some of the ideas addressed are: site selection for camp store and café, indoor pool and recreation center, additional parking, playground, gathering point, dog park, and way finding for vehicular visitors, cyclists, and pedestrians.

  • Client

    Delaware North

  • Services

    Planning and Feasability Study

  • Location

    Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


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Ferguson Farms

Ferguson Farms




Consilium Design, in partnership with Real Earth Design, is honored to be a part of the renovation of Earth Dance Organic Farm School.

As an ever-growing peri-urban agriculture organization, Earth Dance Organic Farm School requires a greater capacity for accommodating people.  The popularity of the Farm School has increased, as well as their ability to host larger events, offer after school programs, field trips and other community programs.

Car parking volume is an integral part of the improvement plan. Through our design, new parking areas are integrated into the ecological function of the farm watershed, in addition to the social capacity that allows for more inclusive, on-site parking.

Roads, fields and buildings that were once subject to flooding from storm water runoff are now part of an extensive rain garden that absorbs, channels and utilizes the flow for potable uses such as irrigation.

  • Client

    Earth Dance Organic Farm School

  • Services

    Stormwater Management
    Rainwater Strategy
    Permaculture Planning

  • Location

    Ferguson, Missouri

  • Ferguson_Farm-1-page-001

  • Ferguson_Farm-2

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Julian Farm and Orchard

Julian Farm



Julian Farm and Orchard

Julian Farm and Orchard is a rustic resort style destination providing a relaxed environment for guests celebrating the gold-rush charm of Julian, California, with locally sustainable food, beverage, event space, and lodging accommodations to the community and its patrons.

Stunning scenic vistas and mountain views will be the backdrop to ranch house inspired architecture, on-site agriculture, commissioned art, community collaborations and rural design features. These are the touches that define the proposed Julian Farm and Orchard project and reflect the history and magic of Julian, California.

  • Description


  • Location


  • Size

    25 ACRES

  • julian-farm-and-orchard-landscape-diagram-board

  • Julian-Farm_image-two

  • julian-farm-and-orchard-main-building-cluster-study

  • julian-farm-and-orchard-IMG_0649

  • julian-farm-and-orchard-IMG_0653

  • julian-farm-and-orchard-IMG_0663

  • julian-farm-and-orchard-IMG_0690

  • julian-farm-and-orchard-IMG_0787

  • Julian-Farm_logo

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Leyden Rock

Leyden Rock




  • Density — Low impact neighborhood design reduces the overall development footprint and increases open space preservation.  The result achieves more than twice the density of traditional, low density residential development while preserving three times as much open space
  • Community — Open space locations benefit community residents, adjoining developments and public spaces
  • Ecology — Open space is consolidated into larger areas to preserve native plants and wildlife habitat while simplifying maintenance
  • History — The rustic appeal and view corridor along Leyden Road is maintained by preserving the native landscape
  • Culture — Neighborhood parks embedded within neighborhoods create focal points and centers for activity
  • Client


  • Services

    Land Planning
    Landscape Architecture

  • Awards

    • 2017 Best in American Home Living (BALA) Gold Award Single-Family Community, 100 units and over
    • 2016 Nationals, Silver Award, Best Landscape Design, Master Planned Community
    • HBA of Denver 2016 MAME Community of the Year
  • Location

    Arvada, Colorado


“Consilium Design had the respect, passion, vision, and expertise to turn our idea for a sustainable development into a stunning reality.  With Consilium Design’s help, Leyden Rock is a nationally-award winning community and one of the fastest-selling developments in the United States.”

Chris Elliott – RRCEA, LLC

  • Leyden-Rock-1

  • Leyden-Rock-6

  • Leyden-Rock-7

  • Leyden-Rock-8

  • Leyden-Rock-9

  • Leyden-Rock-11

  • Leyden-Rock-12

  • Leyden-Rock-28-4018_1

  • Leyden-Rock-28-4018_2

  • Leyden-Rock-28-4018_3

  • Leyden-Rock-28-4018_5

  • Leyden-Rock-1200-Daybreak-park-scaled

  • Leyden-Rock-Lookout-Park-scaled960

  • Leyden-Rock-Parks-Open-Space-Arvada-Colorado-14

  • Leyden-Rock-Parks-Open-Space-Arvada-Colorado-Park

  • Leyden-Rock-Parks-Open-Space-Arvada-Colorado-Pool

  • Leyden-Rock-Planning-Arvada-Colorado-2

  • Leyden-Rock-Planning-Arvada-Colorado-3

  • Leyden-Rock-Planning-Arvada-Colorado-4

  • Leyden-Rock-Planning-Arvada-Colorado-5

  • Leyden-Rock-Planning-Arvada-Colorado-Clubhouse

  • Leyden-Rock-Planning-Arvada-Colorado-Entry-Monument

  • Leyden-Rock-Planning-Arvada-Colorado-Entry-Monument2

  • Leyden-Rock-Planning-Arvada-Colorado-temporary-sign1

  • Leyden-Rock-Planning-Arvada-Colorado-temporary-sign2

  • Leyden-Rock-Planning-Arvada-Colorado-temporary-sign3

  • Leyden-Rock-Westridge-Park-1-scaled1200

  • Leyden-Rock-Westridge-Park-2-scaled1200

  • Leyden-Rock_Presentation-(11-x17)_2020-06-25-(2)

  • Leyden-Rock_Presentation-(11-x17)_2020-06-25

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