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Stanley Marketplace

Stanley Marketplace



Stanley Marketplace

  • Ecology — We identified native landscape zones and made it a priority to preserve and restore them, with additional xeriscape plantings that reduce watering needs
  • Development Impact — We reduced impervious surfaces throughout the site, while the reuse of salvaged materials mitigates the overall impact of construction
  • Circulation — By designing for multi-modal transportation, we will see increases in circulation and ease of access to Stanley Marketplace

Consilium Design is excited to be a part of the innovative design team tasked with the transformation of the 140,000 square-foot Stanley Aviation building and 22-acre site into the Stanley Marketplace; a mixed-use community destination that has already has begun and will continue to house retail, dining, offices, and a specialty grocer among other diverse potential tenants.

Consilium Design formulated a concept for the Stanley Marketplace to create an inviting, attractive and functional landscape that accomplishes environmental, cultural and economic sustainability principles.

Our team has prepared a site master plan that includes a 6-acre park-like open space, event terraces and urban market plazas that will further establish Stanley Marketplace as a neighborhood destination.

Stanley Marketplace is the cornerstone redevelopment for the Westerly Creek Village Urban Renewal Plan in Northwest Aurora, Colorado. The landscape design is reflective of the site and its cultural, historic and physical context within Westerly Creek Village and Stapleton.

In keeping with our goal of uncommon respect for people, planet and purpose, we identified native landscape zones and prioritized preservation and restoration, with additional xeriscape plantings that reduce watering needs. The reduced impervious surfaces throughout the site and the reuse of salvaged materials from previous structures mitigate the overall impact of construction.

  • Client

    RFlightline Ventures, LLC

  • Services

    Urban Planning
    Landscape Architecture

  • Awards

    • 2018 USGBC Local Leader Award for Outdoor Environments
    • 2018 Pacific Coast Builder’s Gold Nugget Award of Merit, Best Rehabilitation Project
  • Location

    Aurora, Colorado

  • Size

    26 Acres

  • Stanley-Flightline-Key-Features

  • Stanley-Marketplace_-image-2

  • Stanley-Marketplace-

  • Stanley-Marketplace-Aurora-Colorado-4

  • Stanley-Marketplace-image-1

  • Stanley-Marketplace-IMG_5496-scaled

  • Stanley-Marketplace-IMG_5504-scaled

  • Stanley-Marketplace-IMG_5506-scaled

  • Stanley-Marketplace-IMG_5520

  • Stanley-Marketplace-IMG_5572-scaled

  • Stanley-Marketplace-IMG_5688-scaled

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  • Stanley-Marketplace-IMG_6862-scaled

  • Stanley-Marketplace-IMG_6870-scaled

  • Stanley-Marketplace-MG_5559-scaled

  • Stanley-Marketplace-PlanGraphic-Landscape-Orientation-1-1

  • Stanley-Marketplace-Plaza-Sketch-Up

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Harlequin Plaza

Harlequin Plaza



Harlequin Plaza

  • History— The plaza restoration is reflective of the original design for the space while responding to the need for improved pedestrian access and circulation.

Located in the heart of Greenwood Village, Harlequin Plaza consists of two office buildings surrounding a central courtyard.  The space has undergone a previous renovation from the original 1982 design done by George Hargreave. In 2007, Consilium Design was hired by the current property owner to create a functional public gathering area. The design provided an innovative solution using the historic harlequin patterns, relocating the existing sculptures and integrating shade elements.  The project has recently been completed with Colorado Hardscapes providing exceptional concrete scoring and staining.

  • Client

    Circle Capital Partners/ CB Richard Ellis

  • Services

    Landscape Architecture

  • Location

    Greenwood Villiage, CO

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Concept-C-edited

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Greenwood-Village-Colorado-2

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Greenwood-Village-Colorado-3

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Greenwood-Village-Colorado-4

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Greenwood-Village-Colorado-5-2

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Greenwood-Village-Colorado-6

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Greenwood-Village-Colorado-7

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Greenwood-Village-Colorado-8

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Greenwood-Village-Colorado-10

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Greenwood-Village-Colorado-11

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Greenwood-Village-Colorado-12

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Greenwood-Village-Colorado-13

  • Harlequin-Plaza-Greenwood-Village-Colorado-14

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