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The Backbone of Community: Great Public Spaces – Part 2

January 30, 2023
Great Public Spaces Part 2

Public Spaces are where life happens. From playgrounds to musical performances and public demonstrations, they serve as the focal point that communities form, develop, and thrive around.

As a continuation of our series on public spaces, here are two projects we have worked on that embody our philosophy that public spaces should be designed to be lived in – not simply be looked at. This means our design should 1) respond to the cultural context of the site and its surroundings, 2) simplify the landscape and amenity program, and 3) prioritize sustainability goals and objectives.

Stanley Marketplace

Consilium Design and the Stanley Marketplace development team truly raised the bar for adaptive reuse, sustainable redevelopment, and great place-making with their plans for the historic Stanley Aviation facility in Aurora, Colorado.

Several principles of sustainable site and landscape development included:

  • Preservation and restoration of the native landscape condition
  • Adaptive reuse of salvaged materials and structures
  • Minimize impervious surfaces
  • Reduce the urban heat island effect
  • Enhance water quality

Julian Farm & Orchard

Julian Farm and Orchard’s goal is to support the Julian community by “encouraging a continuing rural atmosphere by planning for a balanced ecological community and a healthy environment for all forms of life”. The Julian Farm and Orchard plan includes a unique gathering and sustainable place in a dark-sky historic mountain town where visitors enjoy gourmet food, craft spirits, and the arts with a rustic, agricultural vibe.

Signature development features include:

  • DC Fast EV charging
  • farm-to-table chef-driven restaurant and bar
  • 350-person event center
  • Lodging
  • retail space
  • hospitality center and recreation hall
  • on-site craft distillery & tasting room
  • guided educational workshops
  • U-Pick pumpkins, apples, berries, and a multitude of additional sustainable agricultural offerings